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The Lycoming Audubon Society (LAS) is a chapter of the National Audubon Society, with responsibility for members in Lycoming and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania. We are a qualified 501(c)3 organization that works to preserve and enhance the natural environment, provides conservation education at all levels, and cooperates with other organizations and agencies that share the goals of Audubon. Our mission is “To conserve and restore natural ecosystem focusing on birds, other wildlife and habitats for the benefit of humanity and earth’s biological diversity”.

Proposed By-Law Changes

Upcoming Events

5 - Mill Hill Road Field Trip
8-9 - Raise the Region Fundraiser
12 - Woodcock Field Trip
22 - Chapter Meeting

1 - Susquehanna River Walk Field Trip
8 - Rose Valley Lake Field Trip
15 - County Farm Conservation Farm Field Trip
15 - Way's Garden Trip
19 - Ricketts Glen Field Trip
21-22 - Earth Day Events
26 - Chapter Meeting
29 - Robert Porter Allen Natural Area Field Trip

6 - Williamsport Water Authority Field Trip
13 - Mill Street Field Trip
20 - Skyline Drive Field Trip
24 - Chapter Meeting

3 - Birding for Families at Canfield Island Field Trip
7 - Sugar Valley Purple Martin Field Trip
17 - Juneteenth at Brandon Park