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    Sandhill Crane near Jersey Shore. Photo by Wayne Laubscher

    Wildlife in Need (WIN) Emergency Response of Pennsylvania
    Wildlife in Need (WIN) is a relatively new statewide network of volunteers who rescue sick, injured and orphaned wildlife and get them to licensed rehabilitation centers in Pennsylvania.  Before the existence of WIN, the public had few options when they encountered a debilitated wild animal, and it often languished.  Now, the public can contact a 24/7 dispatcher at 814-414-4224 for help.  The dispatcher then contacts a county “capture/transport” person who is licensed by the Pa Game Commission to assess the situation and capture the animal if it is not already contained.  Then a “transporter” is contacted via an email distribution list of volunteers to pick up the animal and get it to a rehabilitation center.  Since the centers in Pennsylvania are few and far between, a shuttle can be organized so that no one has to travel very far.  

    WIN is still filling gaps where needed.  One gap is the need for more volunteer transporters.  Transport training is available but it is not required.  Very soon, the training will be on-line for the convenience of new volunteers.  I have been transporting for WIN and I can tell you from personal experience, that it is very gratifying.  I marvel at wildlife from a distance and now I marvel up close as well.  WIN works hard to make it easy for transporters by having the volunteer provide their availability each month.  The volunteer can also stipulate preferred times/dates for calls.  When an animal is in need, the volunteer receives a text and if available, responds.  

    Please consider doing this important work as WIN needs additional transporters to make their efforts sustainable.  If you have an interest, please contact Sue Dearment at sdearment@windstream.net  for additional information.  Sometimes Sue’s emails bounce so if you do not hear from her in a few days after sending an email please call her at 814-671-6594.  If you’d like to participate in an upcoming training, see below.



    Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv

    Lycoming Audubon Society has a new mechanism to quickly notify individuals of bird sightings or impromptu birding trips via e-mail. This involves joining "Lycoming Audubon Society's Google Listserv".  If you are interested in receiving these notices please send us an e-mail and we will add you to the distribution list.

    Lycoming Audubon’s Board of Directors has a “wish list” of projects that we agree are very worthwhile.  Realistically, the Board can not accomplish these projects without a “champion” to lead the charge.   If one of these projects is near and dear to your heart, please consider “adopting" it with guidance, assistance and support from your LAS Board.  Contact Joan at (570) 651-0131 to discuss further.

    1. HAWK WATCH on North White Deer Ridge (formal data collection for Golden Eagle migration at this location would be especially valuable).

    2. Conservation Education liaison with Rider Park, the Waterdale Environmental Center and others. Do you want to help teach youngsters about the magical world of birds? Sign up to help our group of aspiring educators.

    3. A cam site connected to our webpage (Peregrine or Eagle nest would be neat).

    4. Feeding station/birding program at a few local nursing homes.

    5. LAS Kestrel Box trail.





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