Field Trips

Spring 2021 FIELD TRIPS
At the Lycoming Audubon board meeting it was agreed that over the next 6 mos. rather than canceling field trips, or going public with the usual detailed weekly ones, we would suggest that key leaders, and each of you personally, take it upon yourself to invite a friend to share an outing.
Most of us have been birding personally, but we miss each other. So, lets move slowly back to normal and reach out.
A modified style for next 6 months, aka Covid-19:
·         Key leaders and individual birders to take the initiative.
·       “Invite a Friend” will not be publicly announced or promoted, and LAS signage will not be displayed.
·         Choose site, timing and rendezvous with a friend or two.
·         Observe CDC and PA guidelines (always distancing, face covering)
·         We want others to enjoy your findings, and perhaps later visit your chosen site.
·         Report numbers (species, people), interesting observations or pass along questions to LAS Communal Link (
Popular fall sites from past 7 years:
  • River Walk Sites (North, South, Com Park)
  • Hawk Watch (Montgomery Pike, S. Wmspt)
  • Canfield (Loyalsock Twnshp)
  • Water Authority (Mosquito Valley)
  • Rose Valley Lake (Gamble Twnshp)
  • County Farm (Warrensville Rd.)
  • Lime Bluff (Hughesville)
  • Muncy Heritage (Pepper St.)
  • Glacial Pools (Huntersville)
  • (Your Favorites)

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Larry Waltz, LAS Field Trip coordinator (570-323-2385)