Lycoming Audubon Society meets at 6:30 p.m. the fourth Wednesday of every month except the months of June, July and August. The November meeting is the third Wednesday. Other exceptions may be due to facility scheduling. See website for confirmation. Meetings are free and open to the public. Hybrid meetings which are both in-person and by Zoom will be held at the Taber Museum.

March 27th @ 6:30pm

Topic: Robyn Graboski presents Lead Poisoning in Wildlife

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Robyn Graboski is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and founder of Centre Wildlife Care (CWC). She receive her BS in Animal BioScience from Penn State. She has been professionally rehabilitating wildlife since 1988. Robyn worked many years as a veterinary technician and as a research assistant at Penn State in the areas of physiology and nutrition. She has taught classes on wildlife rehabilitation and nutrition nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Council which is an advisory committee to the PA Game Commission. Robyn received awards for her work including: Eckerd 100 Salute to Women Award, Outstanding Citizen Award from the State College Jaycees 2003, and the 2017 Central PA 4th Fest America’s Got Heroes Award. Robyn currently oversees the care of 2000 compromised wild animals per year at CWC with a staff of over 50 volunteers. CWC cares for all species of native wildlife (bunnies to bald eagles) in addition to providing educational outreach. Robyn holds permits from the PA Game Commission, the Fish and Boat Commission, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the USDA to rehabilitate wildlife and use live animals in educational outreach. In addition to doing outreach programs in person, Robyn does TV appearances where she talks about animals in her care and natural history. In her upcoming program Robyn will bring live animal ambassadors and talk about their story, natural history and wildlife rehabilitation.

April 24th @ 6:30pm

Topic: Mercy Melo presents Hawk Mountain Sanctuary’s American Kestrel Project

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American Kestrels have been facing a continent-wide population decline since the 1970’s with no definitive cause(s) identified to date. This presentation will detail Hawk Mountain’s research endeavor to investigate how environmental contaminants, prey abundance, habitat change, and intraguild predation may be influencing the population decline. Mercy Melo is an Environmental Education Specialist for the PA Game Commission’s northcentral region. She is currently finishing up her PhD at UMass Amherst using her research on American Kestrels as her dissertation focus. Outside of work and school, Mercy enjoys being outdoors in any capacity including hiking, hunting, birding, and kayaking.

May 22th @ 6:30pm

Topic: Reina Tyl presents Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock in Pennyslvania

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Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Biologist, Reina Tyl, will discuss the population status of and primary issues affecting two Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Pennsylvania—the ruffed grouse and American woodcock—as well as research being conducted to inform the management of these beloved species. Bio: Reina Tyl has been the PA Game Commission’s Grouse and Woodcock Biologist for over one year and a half. Prior to joining the Game Commission, Reina led the wild turkey and ruffed grouse management programs for the Missouri Department of Conservation for three years. Reina obtained her Master’s degree in wildlife resources from West Virginia University and her Bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries sciences from the Ohio State University.