Programs will be held virtually over Zoom with meetings beginning at 6pm and programs beginning at 6:30pm.

May 25th, 2022: The Movement Ecology of Vultures: Tracking Nature’s Essential Workers by David Barber
Black and turkey vultures are the most common New World vultures, but despite their abundance and the critical role they play in the ecosystem, little information is known about their daily and annual movements. Using cutting edge technology, we’ll explore their migratory movements and learn how their adaptable nature make them ideally suited to environmental changes in the face of global climate change.

David has worked at Hawk Mountain for 21 years, starting as Naturalist and is now the Sanctuary’s Senior Research Biologist. He oversees biological monitoring on the Sanctuary, including breeding bird censuses and long-term raptor counts. He also manages the Sanctuary’s Geographic Information System and satellite telemetry database and has worked on movement ecology of turkey and black vultures for the past 10 years.  When he is not scanning the skies for migrants at North Lookout, he can usually be found working in his garden, walking his golden retrievers or brewing beer at a small brewery in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania where he is the head brewer.