Citizen Science

Christmas Bird Counts: Each December and January, during two designated 24 hour periods, LAS volunteers fan out across specific 15 mile diameter count circles in the county to count and record all species of birds encountered, and the number of each species observed. The actual survey area for each volunteer team is established by the count coordinator and the results of all the teams are aggregated by the count compiler and forwarded to the National Audubon Society. The CBC is the oldest of the citizen science efforts, with data available from the past 114 years! Our yearly contribution to this effort is deeply gratifying, and of course a whole lot of fun for all involved.

View the species observed during recent CBCs:
*In 2007, we began a second CBC covering Northern Lycoming County.

National Audubon's CBC Page with plenty of info and statistics.

PA Migration Count: Each year the Pennsylvania Society of Ornithology establishes a Saturday in May as the date for a census of birds across the Commonwealth. Lycoming Audubon Society members survey Lycoming County birdlife—imagine the CBC as described above, but across the entire county rather than just the two count circles and with much better weather and lots more birds. It certainly provides a wonderful excuse for a couple of hours, or an entire day of birding with like minded chapter members. Again, the data collected is utilized my many agencies and organizations in their decision making processes.

Hummingbirds at Home Project: Make a difference for hummingbirds. Be a part of Audubon's first all digital mobile citizen science network. The Hummingbirds at Home website and smart phone app make it easy and fun to keep track of hummingbirds you see while collecting valuable data that helps ornithologists understand how to protect them. Check it out at: