Collectible Patches

All patches are embroidered cloth and 4 inches in diameter. Created by wildlife artist Ron Beach (check his work at, each of the collectible patches represents a project of the chapter or issue of local concern. All patches are $1.00 when purchased individually (except the Peregrine Falcon Project which is $5.00), or $15.00 for the complete 12 patch set. Shipping is $5 for up to 12 patches ($10 for 13-24 patches, $15 for 25-36 patches, etc.). Foreign sales, email us about our 'cost only' shipping. Sales tax, if applicable, is 6%. 
To place an order complete this form and send it with your check to Lycoming Audubon, P.O. Box 4053, Williamsport, PA 17701-0653.  Thank you for your support of Lycoming Audubon!

Chapter Patch
This patch reflects the chapter's mission in the words "Striving to preserve our natural resources". The chickadee feeding on a small cone is a common forest bird which frequents feeders in the winter. The chapter newsletter is Chickadee Chatter.


Peregrine Falcon Project - 1997
The chapter, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania game Commission, funded, purchased, reared and released 21 peregrine falcons through a five-year project in the 1990's. Most of the young were hacked from the top of the Genetti Hotel in downtown Williamsport, PA. $5


Barn Owl Project - 1998
Numerous barn owl nest boxes were installed in suitable locations in both Lycoming and Clinton Counties in hopes of attracting nesting barn owls, with very limited success.


Butterfly Garden - 1999
The chapter has had a relationship with Rider Park since its inception, and the 
butterfly garden developed near the pavilion was an early project that continues 
to attract butterflies at the park.


Bluebird Conservation - 2000
The chapter has developed and maintained bluebird trails is several locations throughout 
Lycoming County, in addition to many trails maintained by individual chapter members. 
These beautiful birds' courtship draw many comparisons to humans.


Hummingbird Garden - 2001
Who doesn't like hummingbirds? The ruby-throated hummingbird is the only species nesting east of the Mississippi, and the male on this patch is a ferocious defender of his favorite nectar sources.


Wetland Conservation - 2002
The red-winged blackbird is an easily identified species found in and near wetlands. The chapter is concerned with the loss of wetlands through many kinds of development. Wetlands found within large forest tracts are especially valuable, but are threatened by natural gas development.


Bat Conservation - 2003
Lycoming Audubon has always included bats among the species of concern, and for many years conducted surveys to monitor local bat populations. The chapter has had presentations on the plight of bats infected by white-nosed syndrome to educate our members and the general public.


Christmas Bird Count - 2004
One way of measuring bird populations and distribution is the bird count near the end of the year, long a program of the National Audubon Society. The chapter sponsors two counts in Lycoming County.


Grassland Birds- 2005
Open grasslands are in short supply in most of the chapter's service area. Even relatively small open areas can serve as valuable habitat for the many bird species that need grasslands for nesting and food.


Purple Martin Project - 2006
One of the chapter's more successful and enduring projects was the construction and siting of a purple martin house on the grounds of the Lycoming County farm just off Warrensville Road. Each year the martins return to raise their young in the colony housing we provided.


Owl Banding Project - 2007
The capture and banding of saw-whet owls during the fall migration provides valuable information on the populations and habits of these incredibly adorable birds.


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